ПResults of 2023
In 2023 2,826 patients received FREE medical and psychological assistance and underwent a course of physical and social rehabilitation at the "Brass" volunteer hospital.

In general 5,426 people have received FREE medical/psychological help in our medical institution since the beginning of the full-scale war in Ukraine.

Summary of 2023
192 defenders of Ukraine were treated in the "Brass" hospital
(From February 2022 - 286 soldiers)

124 patients underwent orthopedic trauma operations of varying complexity with a course of appropriate rehabilitation.

42 patients received comprehensive physical, psychological, and social rehabilitation (26 soldiers underwent a course of psychological rehabilitation).

2634 civilians received free medical care:
2279 internally displaced persons and 355 locals (veterans, their family members, people with disabilities of groups I and II).

619 people received consultations from psychologists.

2,015 people received free medical care (family doctor, therapist, traumatologist, surgeon, neurologist, cardiologist) with free receipt of the necessary medicines.
During 2023 patients received medicines worth more than 700 thousand hryvnias.
Some of the medicines were purchased within the framework of grant programs of the international organization OXFAM, the international humanitarian organization "Doctors Without Borders - Spain", pharmaceutical companies "Astrapharm", "Teva", "Kyiv Vitamin Plant”.

In 2023, the mobile medical team of the hospital (therapist, psychologist, traumatologist) carried out 177 trips to shelters and support centers for Internally displaced persons in the Carpathian region (Ivano-Frankivsk, Kolomyia, Kalush, Burshtyn, Tlumach, Nadvirna, Galich, Verkhovyna, Lysets, Falcon, Mykytyntsi, Manyava, Grabovets).

The hospital has established cooperation with such institutions as NGO "AMER" (Burshtyn), NGO "Druzhyna Voina", CF "I am Mariupol" (Ivano-Frankivsk, Kalush), Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Organization "Red Cross", CF "Rokada", NGO "Trykutnykl" (Kolomyia), hub "Ba-Di", rehabilitation center "Donbas-Prykarpattia", LLC "PrykarpattiaOblEnergo", medical and educational institutions of Prykarpattia.

German surgeons at the Brass Volunteer Hospital performed extremely complex surgeries for the soldiers.

It became possible to provide appropriate treatment to patients free of charge thanks to the joint work of Ukrainian and foreign volunteers, donors, philanthropists. Thanks to our largest partners: the international organizations “Oxfam” and “Doctors Without Borders.Spain”, “Alight Foundation” (Poland), office of the United Methodical Church of the United States.

We thank everyone for the kindness and contribution to the treatment of Ukrainians!
German surgeons at the volunteer hospital "Brass" performed extremely complex operations for the military.

The international cooperation of our hospital and surgeons, orthopedic traumatologists, professors of the Medical University of Munich made it possible to perform complex reconstructive surgeries for Defenders of Ukraine.

This was made possible thanks to the cooperation with our German friend Markus Feuerocker and his Weisedar Foundation.

In the summer, we expressed our wish to exchange experience with German orthopedic traumatologists, who specialize in the following operations: transplantation of large skin flaps on the vascular pedicle, replacement of large bone defects and bone augmentation using the Masculet method.

During three days (November 13-15) German surgeons together with surgeons from Ivano-Frankivsk successfully performed five reconstructive surgeries on patients with severe bone and vascular injuries.

❤️During the mission of German surgeons to the Brass Hospital two patients managed to save limbs from amputations.

❗️ "This cooperation is very important for us as we are facing rare cases of war injuries that require a high level of specialized treatment. German professors have extensive experience in working with similar cases in other countries which is invaluable for our hospital," said Stanislav Onyshchuk, Director of the hospital.

In six months specialists from Munich are going to return for new surgeries and exchange experience with Ukrainian doctors.
In addition during the rehabilitation of the soldiers surgeons from Germany will always be in touch and advise on individual cases online.

Recall that surgical operations for the military were carried out by Wolf Mutschler, a surgeon, university lecturer and scientist. Honorary member of the German Society of Surgeons.
Dr. Andreas Schmidt is the former head of the Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at BG-Klinik.
Prof. Dr.Michael Scherer-Former Head of the Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology at Munich.

The selection of patients and surgical interventions was carried out by a team of specialists under the leadership of Professor, Doctor of Medicine, orthopedic traumatologist of the highest category Vadym Sulyma (Ivano-Frankivsk).

Our sincere thanks to our German and Ukrainian colleagues for their help and patients for their trust!